nwosu residency

Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Artist in Residence - October 2017

I spent 5 weeks at Northwestern Oklahoma State University as the Artist in Residence. During my time there, I was given a studio in the Visual Arts department and had the opportunity to work with the students on a collaboration where I had them paint self-portraits on 16x24 sheets of plexiglass. I photographed them behind/with their portraits from beginning to end in order to document process. Their painting were included as an installation in the exhibition, along with a selection of process protraits. 

In addition to working with students, I spent quite a bit of time photographing taxidermy birds from the Natural History Museum on campus. As the resident artist, I was able to check out a variety of specimens and spend time with them. My first observation of Oklahoma as I drove into the state was strong presence of brids - so naturally I was drawn to the collection in the museum. I chose to photograph all the birds that were collected in Woods County - the county in which I resided during my stay there. They were photographed twice, both in focus and out of focus, and I would cut and weave the two images of each bird together. The numerous bird weavings were then stitched together to create a large tapestry, or bird chart, that was suspended from the ceiling.